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Coffee, Cakes & Food.

Our customers come to us every day for two great thing - our COFFEE and HOT CHOCOLATE! So it has to be "just right" in every cup we pour! We work with Glen Lyon Roastery, in Aberfeldy, which meets all the criteria we sought for our coffee: seasonal, 100% traceable, ethically sourced and scoring a minimum of 80 out of 100 on an international scale for its' flavour.

Our Putting Green Coffee Blend is a mix of 2 single origin coffees and made up as follows:
75 % Brazil Fazenda Do Lobo
25 % Peru Vasquez Zamora

This is roasted to a unique profile for us using state of the art roasting software to monitor each batch. The "roasting profile" is saved so that it can replicated each time a batch of coffee is made for us. This results in consistent roasts every time.

Flavour wise, the coffee beans are roasted to enhance the natural chocolate and caramel notes in the Brazil, while the Peru brings an underlying fruity sweetness.


Combining these flavours makes for a great flat white which is our beverage of choice, but the 2 bean blend means that the espresso is equally as good on it's own or as an americano.

Our delicious Hot Chocolate is a ground belgian dark chocolate. Also available is our single origin hot chocolate from Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela


Come and enjoy a great cup of coffee at James's At The Putting Green!


Patisseries, Cakes & Food.

To match the great coffee we serve we have teamed up with local patisserie and cake makers to offer you a full selection of delicious cakes and patisseries.

Our main supplier, originally from France, makes traditional based french patisseries using the best quality products and ingredients.